Spontaneously refreshing and juggling with extremes - FRANZISKA's inspiration and fascination arose from the heart of the 90's era.
FRANZISKA MICHAEL’s looks are characterised and inspired from oversized cuts and
a strong consistent unisex character.

The boundaries between men and women merge perfectly into a casual, urban and androgenic style. With almost straight and geometric interacting sections, images from solid materials stand in contrast to soft, flowing and feminine silhouettes.

In FRANZISKA’s collection, the designer balances light footed between polarising colour-mood, dynamic fabrics and her own design digital prints. Accessories and styling are perfectly adapted to the collection’s subject matter whilst it complements, revives and completes the look.

The collection shines in juvenility.

In 2009 FRANZISKA MICHAEL founded her eponymous label which transcended boundaries only by its designation, and demonstrated the independent appearance of the brand. Far from the standard which can be found in today’s fashion world, FRANZISKA MICHAEL defines her style through strong contrasts, courage for innovation and incisive prints.

In July 2013 the young designer won the "Premium Young Designers Award for Women’s Wear" for her distinct work.

FRANZISKA is a hard working but down to earth fashion talent, who places great value on quality in her designs. The drive for perfectionist cutting distinguishes FRANZISKA MICHAEL as one of the rare designers who achieves her vision, and works on her goals with passion.